Podfic of Dreaming (Porn Without Plot)
Anna Bonde Hinke
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Competitive Hangover by wowbright
eyelash porn
Title: Competititve Hangover
Author: wowbright
Reader: oohshinyfangirl
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 1774
Summary: Another sequel to "Cover Me," this one from Sebastian's perspecitve, inspired by comments and the Klaine Advent Day 22 prompt vodka. You need to read the first two stories for this one to make sense. This one takes place New Year's Day of Season 3; can be read as AU or canon-compatible. Thaks nachochang for her magic with words!
File Info: mp3, 17:54MB, 15:18
Warning: Sebastian has issues with internalized homophobia and effemiphobia, but I think you knew that.
Download: MediaFire
Crossposted: amplificathon, personal lj, kurt_blaine
Notes: So happy to be recording the lovely wowbright's incredibly incisive - and hot! - writing.

Belong by wowbright
eyelash porn
Title: Belong
Author: wowbright
Reader: oohshinyfangirl
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2339
Summary: Blaine wants Kurt to fuck him so hard that it hurts for days; it would be nice to have that physical reminder of his intimacy with Kurt. Kurt thinks that's a recipe for an ER visit. They come up with a happy compromise. Or, "baby kinksters try painplay."
File Info: mp3, 25.1MB, 21:55
Download: MediaFire
Crossposted: personal lj, amplificathon, kurt_blaine
Notes:I was rereading Cover Me and found both this lovely sequel and Competitive Hangover, which follows this story. I couldn't resist recording them, because I absolutely love wowbright's versions of Kurt and Blaine. If you like the story, give wowbright some love!

Mostly Gay Not Couple Series by YourFairyGodfather
Fala Listens to FDR

Mostly Gay Not Couple series cover

Title: The Mostly Gay Not Couple Series
Author: YourFairyGodfather
Reader: Greeniron
Pairing: Mostly gen.  A little Klaine in the last two stories.
Rating: Teen
Summary: Kurt and Brittany are really, really not dating. Most of the time, they remember this.
File info: M4b (85.7 MB); Mp3 (94.1 MB); Length: 1:33:29
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To Shake The Pride Of Angels by cimmerians
eyelash porn
Title: To Shake The Pride of Angels
Author: cimmerians
Reader: oohshinyfangirl
Fandom/Pairing: Glee, Kurt/Blaine
Rating: NC-17 for m/m sex
Word Count: 14,149
Summary: AU, Kurt and Blaine have never met. Until they do.
File Info: mp3, 123.07MB, 1:47:32
Download: MediaFire
Crossposted: personal lj, kurt_blaine, amplificathon, ao3
Notes: I love recording this author's work - the writing is beautiful and the characters are realistically drawn. Sexy, funny and angsty - everything I love about fanfic.

[ad] Journey Story & ScreenPlay Big Bang
love is
Hallo Glee Podficcers!

Posted with permission! Thank you!

There are two Big Bangs in town and we already have many authors and artists signed up and what we are missing are the podficcers. The challenges are to record a podfic of at least 1,000 words. There is no maximum word count. It also doesn’t have to be one story. You can record ten drabbles if that’s your wish, but the minimum word count is 1,000. You can podfic as many stories as you wish.

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Wouldn't You Like To by skintightsocks
eyelash porn
Title: Wouldn't You Like To
Author: skintightsocks
Reader: oohshinyfangirl
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Word Count: 7,300+
Summary: The box Chris had placed around Darren in his mind, the one labeled with "TOTALLY STRAIGHT AND TOTALLY YOUR CO-WORKER, IDIOT, IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW HIS SMILE MAKES YOU FEEL!!!" has suddenly opened right up. And Darren's standing inside, waving, holding a sign that says, "I suck cock! Ask me how!"
Spoilers: Up to episode 2x10
Author Notes: Just to avoid any confusion, this is not a sequel to Can't Look At You Any Other Way. We're still mulling that one over, but we've been getting a lot of messages and we don't want anyone to be confused. Title is from the song "Love at First Sight" by The Brobecks. Please don't link our fics to Glee actors!
Reader Notes: I am such a fan of skintightsocks' fics. They are funny and sexy and you know that's my favorite flavor. And, if you're interested, I have also podficced the story mentioned in the author's notes, Can't Look At You Any Other Way - go check it out!
File Info: mp3, 65.04MB, 56:49
Download: MediaFire
Crossposted: personal lj, amplificathon, kurt_blaine, ao3

Lucky by alianne
eyelash porn
Title: Lucky
Author: alianne
Reader: oohshinyfangirl
Rating: Teen and up
Blaine needs a little help and Kurt is there. That's how it all starts.
File Info: mp3, 23.63MB,  20:38
Crossposted: amplificathon, personal lj, kurt_blaine, AO3
Notes: I am so happy that alianne was willing to let me record another story. Funny and sexy is still one of my favorite flavors. If you like the story, go give alianne some love!

16 More Glee Podfics
It has come to my attention that I've forgotten to crosspost here in the past year and a half or so! So in order to not spam, I'll just link to the Glee podfic I've created in that time:

All the Other Ghosts (WIP), Kurt/Blaine, 31 hours 32 min so far (read with mcollinknight)
Step by Step Kurt/Blaine, 1 hour 20 min (read with [personal profile] reena_jenkins)
On the Line, Kurt/Blaine, 1 hour 17 min (read with [personal profile] bessyboo and [personal profile] jenepod)
Opening Doors: Five 'Missing' Scenes From Glee 4x14, Kurt/Blaine, 59 min (read with [personal profile] anna_unfolding)
Soon Enough, Kurt/Blaine, 42 min
Sweet Nothings, Kurt/Blaine, 27 min
Hold, Kurt/Blaine, 23 min
The Shame was on the Other Side, Blaine + Sam, 17 min (read with [personal profile] reena_jenkins)
the call of the nightbird, Kurt/Blaine, 15 min (read with [personal profile] reena_jenkins)
Misnomer, Ryder/Unique, 13 min
Getting Started, Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/Adam, 13 min
Anger Management, Kurt/Blaine, 10 min
An Affair to Remember, Kurt/Blaine, 8 min (read with [archiveofourown.org profile] Izbit and [archiveofourown.org profile] likeasouffle)
In Limine, Kurt/Blaine, 7 min
Feeling is First, Santana/Brittany, 6 min (read with [personal profile] sophinisba)
The City (The One) That Knows How, Tina gen, 6 min

Sorry about that, and I hope to do better with crossposting in future!

Thought You Should See This by slayerkitty
eyelash porn
Title: Thought You Should See This
Author: slayerkitty
Reader: oohshinyfangirl
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It's the best thing he's ever seen...
Warnings: Kurt/Adam, see author's note for the rest (spoilers)
Author's Note: This is a combination reaction fic to 4.15 and 4.16, then goes completely AU for 4.17 onward, though I do incorporate some spoilers for 4.18 (One section of this will talk about there being a possible school shooting at McKinley - I don't go into detail, but if this is triggering for you at all, please don't read it). Ultimately, this is a Klaine reunion fic. :D
File Info: mp3, 56.13MB, 49:02
Download: MediaFire
Crossposted: amplificathon, kurt_blaine, personal lj, AO3
Notes: I'm not a multishipper. Period. I'm not a Kurt/Adam fan. At all. I almost didn't read this story. But. This is slayerkitty, and obviously Klaine so it was hard to resist. And I'm so glad I did and that, luckily, slayerkitty said yes when I asked to record it. Please go give slayerkitty some love if you like the story. As always, any mistakes are mine alone.

To analise010, who, despite it not being her fandom, listened first and gave me encouragement and support - thank you so much!!!


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