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You Have That Effect on Me and Just Take My Hand
monochromatic00 wrote in gleepodfic
Title: You Have That Effect on Me and Just Take My Hand
PG-13 & PG
When Blaine kisses him, Kurt is fairly certain it's the best kiss he will ever have in his entire life. & "Go on a date with me," Blaine says suddenly. "Tonight. A real date. Dinner, and a movie, and I'll even let you pick what I wear if you don't try to get me in a plaid cummerbund again."
File info: mp3, 19:15, 17.6 MB

Download Links: [let me know if they go down, please!]



Notes: So, this is the first podfic I've ever recorded, I was inspired by nielrian  and she is so much better than I am. Sorry for some of the awkward jumps, especially in the first one. I did my best to get rid of them. There are also some sections I speak fast and I apologize for that as well. This was kind of a test run for podficcing for me.  I was really excited when skintightsocks  gave me the opportunity to record their stories. Thank you for listening, even though this is the first time.  I am planning on recording "Tandem" by fondof_fic now, so look for that to be posted here.

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