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monochromatic00 wrote in gleepodfic

Media: Podfic
Title: You Know Your Place in The Sky
Author: [info]skintightsocks  
Reader: monochromatic00 (fic tumblr ; other tumblr ((mainly used))
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "Where is all this coming from? Of course you're going to be a star, Rachel, we all are. We're one of a kind, there's no one else out there like-- Kurt?" Blaine breaks off, staring in horror as Kurt's face crumples and he starts to cry too.
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine (w/ some Rachel/ Finn)

Spoilers: Takes place during episode 3x01.
Length: 16.2 MB, MP3, 17:33 min
Crossposted: kurt_blaine & my fic tumblr
Author’s Notes: "Yay, first post-ep makeout fic of the season! \o/ Title is from the song "Stars" from Les Miserables. Much thanks to preromantics for the quick beta and encouragement. ♥ Since we've gotten several messages and comments about it, we're going to try out using this tumblr for fic updates, so that people without LJs can know when we've posted new fic. Feel free to follow it - we won't be posting any entire fics directly to tumblr, but we'll be linking to new fics as they're posted and posting small snippets of stuff from time to time."-STS 


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